Flag of Belize

Belize is located in the north Central America and is bordered to the north by Mexico and to the west by Guatemala. Belize is divided into several regions. There is the north (Corozal and Orange Walk), west (Cayo) and difficult to reach deep south (Toledo). Of course there is also the coast (Belize) and the atolls. The largest city of the country is Belize City, once the capital, but after the storm of 1961 that it is situated in the mountains in place called Belmopan.

The country is a democracy. They have their own currency, the Belize dollars, but paying with US dollars is also possible because there is a fixed ratio of 2: 1.

The country is only reachable by plane from the US and Mexico. With regional air carriers it is possibly to get from Guatemala and Honduras by plane. The official language is English and therefore an exception to the other Central and South American countries. The rainy season is from June to November.

The country has something for everyone. There is jungle, you can watch birds, there is a rich Mayan history (ruins), you can dive or fish. The country is relatively safe, there is crime but who takes a little precautions, can easily avoid anything being stolen.

Who wants to travel around the country (which is highly recommended) has a number of options. One can rent a car, but it is relatively expensive, you can go by bus, but do not expect high quality, you can fly or take taxis (aircraft usually have 3 to 16 places). Belize is a small country (22,963 km2; smaller than the Netherlands, similar to the US state of New Jersey) and is home to 200,000 people, most of them along the coast. The history of the country dates back to several thousand years BC, but the Mayan culture (mainly coming from Mexico) has its heyday a few hundred years AD to the 15th century when the Spaniards 'discovered' the country.

Anyone who wants more information about Belize, I refer to information website Belize.