A good traveller has no fixed plans and is not intent upon arrival For many people travelling seems to be a normal thing in life. Sometimes once a year, sometimes more often. For others travelling is just a dream. Still many people experience the other places on the world where they are. Some keep these experiences to them self, some write a book and others share them on the internet. For many years I was in position to travel the world and always kept my diaries. Unfortunately they ended in boxes, together with many pictures. So a couple of years ago I started to write my stories on the internet, but soon I found it is not so easy to set up a website with more than only a story and some pictures. Many travellers probably know that every picture has its own story.

I started a website anyway but soon I was not satisfied, so I started to rewrite my website. It are not only my stories, but also of the people met. It probably will take a lifetime to get this site as I want it to be. I hope it inspires you and that you also will share your experiences on this site.


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