Siby is a small village approximately 45 a 50 km west of Bamako. It is hard to find on the map, but there are 6 000 people living here. It is a poor village and there are only a few places where you can stay overnight. However, the village is much loved by tourists, because the environment of the mountain ridges of the Mandigues Mountains are very good for 1 or more days to go for a walk. There are even long-distance paths, so all you need to contact the tourist center, where you also pay for the access of the long-distance paths.

In the whole area are 21 villages, where different tribes live. In Siby live mainly in Mandé (Malinké) people. The village consists of 5 parts, but it is unclear what does and does not belong to the small village. If you include all areas, then more than 18.000 people living in Siby.

The history of the village goes back to about 800 years ago, because it was a part of the Mali Empire, and was even the meeting place of great leaders from that time, invited by Sundiata Keita, leader of Malinka people, who was fighting against Soumaoro Kanté, Moti (leader Sosso people). Sundiata Keita made Siby 800 years ago one of the first democratic places.

In 2003 Siby was in the news. There was a meeting organized by the six poor countries from Africa and 4 other poor countries. A notable location, because there is almost no infrastructure in Siby such as water or electricity. The participants at the meeting called for more attention to the situation in Africa. Recently Siby got connected by a road that is made from Guinea to Bamako. This increased the number of transports that pass Siby.

First published: 07 January 2010
Last update: 07 January 2010
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