Road Bamako-Segou

The paved road between Bamako and Segou is barely 2 lanes wide and in the small villages it's used for everything. Goats, donkeys and cows just walk on the street, so you always have to be careful. In contrast to Bamako, there is not a lot of traffic. Most people are poor and don't have money to travel long distances by car.

The main transport between cities is by bus or small taxi buses. The local transport is by cart and donkey/ ox and sometimes bicycles.

Also the construction of the houses changes, the concrete buildings are simple, but a lot of houses are made of mud stone. In the bigger places you'll see schools, often far too small for the amount of children that go there. Along the road people try to sell you everything, but are not really pushing.

First published: 29 December 2009
Last update: 29 December 2009
© A. Heeroma