Day 1: 30 january 2006
Amsterdam - Bamako

Today is the first day of my trip through Mali and Ghana. Hardly recovered from a hernia, I started my travel. By train I went to Schiphol airport. Due to the check in with an e-ticket, it took not too long to pass the formalities. After a stop in Paris and a delay of one hour (some passengers were late) and a flight of 5½ hours, I arrived at the airport of Bamako. It was already dark and after leaving the plane, it became very chaotic. Some people had to walk to the arrival hall, some had to go by bus. The arrival hall is small and barely suitable for the arrival of over 300 people. With only 2 custom gates it took quite a while. Some people who were on an organized tour seem to have less problems to pass customs, but after 20 minutes I was finally through. For the first time in my life I was confronted with a scan check of my luggage after the customs (I was already inside Mali). Since everybody wanted to get away fast, there was a lot of pushing. After this obstacle, luckily my tourguide was waiting for me. His name is Momo and is quite a nice guy. He speaks good English, which is nice in country where most people speak their local language or French. After a 20 minutes drive, we arrived at the hotel where I should stay. It was already quite in hotel Seguere (it was past 11 pm). After putting my luggage in my simple room, I went to the inner court, ordered a beer and relaxed, smoking a cigarillo (small cigar). It was nice and warm and I really had the feeling my vacation had started.

First published: 26 March 2006
Last update: 24 May 2008
© A. Heeroma

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