Day 11: 9 february 2006
Dogon (Banani - Tirelli)

Sleeping on the roof underneath the stars was very nice. During the night I woke up a couple of times. Around 4 am a wind blew over the roof. By this time the moon was gone and watching the stars was even more beautiful. Around 6.30 am I woke up and started to pack my luggage. I was lucky to sleep on the side where the wind was coming from. Some clothes and a towel were blown away, but still on the roof. Lara, who was sleeping on the other side, missed a t-shirt. Lucky for her, later someone found it on the road. After breakfast we moved on by car to a near village. We walked up the hill to the village. Also this place had a central court, but here the Hogan was not present. On two walls several animals and other symbols were displayed, all with their own meaning.

After this visit we went by car to Amani. In a pond there are about 40 crocodiles. They were lying lazy in the sun, just doing nothing. Here we said goodbye to our local guide and drove to the next village. Since it was already to warm to walk, we took a long siesta and had some lunch. Later this afternoon we drove to the top of a cliff. From there we walked down to the village of Tirelli where we had to stay for the night. Before the village there were some fields where the locals grew their food. It is a small village where only 300 to 400 people were living. The walk down was not too hard.

Again we prepared our beds on the roof of the place where we were staying. After a beer we went to a cliff which had a beautiful view on the surrounding area. We sat down to enjoy the silence (except from the wind) and the sunset (not really spectacular, but nice). Also some birds were flying around. After the sunset we walked back to the village and had dinner. There was only one lamp, working on a battery. There is no electricity in this place. The local children performed several dances for us, but I had the feeling not all the children really liked it, but they had to dance because their teachers told them to do so. Also some of us had to participate, which was fun (especially those of us who didn't want to do it). After the dance I had a beer and most of us went to sleep. Till midnight I listened to some music and then went to sleep under the stars while a little bit of wind stirred the air.

First published: 17 April 2006
Last update: 01 June 2008
© A. Heeroma

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